Coffee + Cocoa Face Scrub

We were honoured to get the invitation to do a segment on Vancouver’s morning news on Global with the lovely Sonia Deol. The theme of the segment was making natural body care products from ingredients you have in your pantry.

I have been making natural products for years.  It started out as a habit, then it became my business as I launched a line of all natural baby care products.  Of course, being a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, my aim is to reduce the amount of toxins around the home, too. Using ingredients like lemon, tea tree oil and vinegar work wonders on cleaning your home, naturally. 
I was also fortunate enough to be recruited by the David Suzuki Foundation to coach families in my neighbourhood on greening their homes. We covered reducing food waste, recycling, composting, and natural cleaning products.

When you make your own products, you save money, you control exactly what goes in them, and you can play around with different ingredients.

Today we made a natural body polish with sugar and coffee grounds.  Sugar makes a great exfoliant that isn’t abrasive, coffee grounds tighten pores and the smell is uplifting.

We added coconut oil for it’s moisturizing properties, cocoa powder which stimulates collagen production and contains antioxidants, grapeseed oil, and peppermint essential oil, which is also very uplifting.  Mix all ingredients together and store in a jar with a tight fitting lid for up to 3 weeks. Use as a way to slough off dry skin on the body and even chapped lips. Rinse off.  With the addition of grapeseed and coconut oils, your skin is left very soft ~ no need for additional moisturizer.

We have some Bath + Body Workshops coming up in Vancouver.  Check the website for info and to register! Come get your hands dirty with me.

Mix together:
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup coffee grounds
1 TBLSP cocoa powder
1 TBLSP coconut oil
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
Stir well and store in a jar for up to 3 weeks.
Caution: The tub will be very slippery due to the oil!You can watch the original video here!


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