{Facial Steam} the Toxins Away With Healing Flowers

facial steam2
Facial steam with dried flowers

Facial steams have many benefits to your skin and soul.  Just like sitting in a sauna, you give yourself those 15 minutes to relax, open your pores, steam out the toxins and breeaatthe. 

facial steam

Steaming your skin with flowers and essential oils allows the toxins to release and the aromatic benefits of the flowers enter your pores and do their magic.  Flowers like chamomile and calendula are soothing and anti-inflammatory, lavender and rose petals are calming and healing and rosemary and citrus oils are uplifting and invigorating. Steaming your skin weekly will help to remove bacteria, clear up skin conditions and leave it glowing, hydrate, help you relax and stimulate circulation.

Choose your flowers, boil water and prepare to relax your mind, body and spirit.

Boil water and add it to a heat safe bowl with about 1 cup of flower petals.  Add 5 drops of essential oil to either soothe, relax or invigorate. Place a large towel over your head and tent yourself over the bowl of steaming flowers.  Don’t get too close or you may burn your skin.  If you already have very sensitive skin or broken capillaries, avoid steams or do them with less hot water.  Allow your skin to steam for about 5 minutes, then take a few minute break. Remember to breathe deeply to receive all the benefits of relaxation and aromatherapy. Repeat 3 times.

After steaming, this is a good time to exfoliate while dead skin cells can be easily sloughed off. Rinse skin with cool water to close pores and moisturize skin while it is still damp for better absorption. Apply a light layer of pure coconut oil or jojoba oil, which is closest to the skin’s natural sebum or try other edible oils that you might have in your pantry.

As facial steams are a treatment, they should only be done once per week or twice per month. Avoid certain essential oils if pregnant, epileptic or nursing. Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using any herbal remedy, if you have a medical condition.


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