Herbal Infused Face Oil

calendula oil

Infusing is the process of soaking healing herbs in oil to allow their properties and aroma to transfer into the oil. These oils can then be used in skin care potions and flavoured oils are often used for cooking or in dressings.

When choosing herbs and oils to combine, look for stable, cold-pressed oils and organic herbs that are completely dried. You do not want any moisture to get into your oil as it will promote bacteria growth and lessen the shelf life of your finished product.

Base oils, the oil that you will use to infuse the herbs into, should be light and suitable for your skin type. Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed and Jojoba are excellent for skin care preparations.  Olive oil is thicker and more slippery, making it best for infusing an oil that you will choose to cook with.

This face oil is made with Calendula and Grapeseed oil. Calendula has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, making it beneficial for skin with rashes, like diaper rash or eczema, and Grapeseed is light and great on all skin types.

Fill a small jar with thoroughly dried Calendula flowers and cover completely with oil. Lid the jar and sit in a window sill for 4-6 weeks. The sun will warm the oil and infuse the herbs naturally. Once this solar infusion is complete, strain the oil and discard the flowers.

Use the oil directly on damp skin as a moisturizer or add to salves or rash remedies. I decided to combine this oil infusion with Jojoba oil for a daily, non-greasy moisturizer.

Depending on the freshness of your oil, shelf life of the infusion is approximately 1 year. Always store infused oils in a dark jar and out of sunlight to protect the healing properties of the herbal infusion.

face oil


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