Sugar-Free Snacks ~ Frozen Yogurt Bark

Sticking to a sugar-free diet might be one of the most difficult tasks you will do. There is sugar in almost everything and added sugar in even more than almost everything in the Western diet! Eliminating added sugar is important for overall health, fighting and preventing disease, candida and chronic yeast infections, diabetics, and anyone who wants to take control of their diet and weight. It’s not (healthy) fat that causes fat, it’s sugar.

yogurt bark

Doing some meal prep and planning, and packing your own snacks is the first step to reducing the added sugar in your life. You have complete control of what goes into that snack or meal. You must learn how to read an ingredient label. Products like yogurt might have a sugar content of 3g per 1/2 cup. What you might not realize is that milk products have natural occurring sugar. If you look at the ingredient label and do not see sugar, or alternatives to sugar listed, then that 3g is natural sugar. Just like fruit has natural occurring sugar. Also important to remember is that full-fat has less sugar than skim or low-fat. So, stick with the full-fat! The protein will keep you fuller longer, and the low sugar will prevent those blood sugar spikes and crashes.

nutrition label

To make frozen yogurt bark, place a piece of parchment in a small baking or glass dish. Spread 1/4 inch thickness of plain, full-fat yogurt in the bottom. Sprinkle in berries, nuts, shredded coconut and seeds of choice. You can also swirl in raw cacao powder (not hot chocolate powder) if you like the bitterness of dark chocolate. Freeze for about an hour. Break apart and store in a freezer bag until ready to eat!

Some ideas:

pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, slivered almonds, crushed pistachios, frozen berries, shredded coconut, raw cacao powder, walnuts, diced peaches, goji berries… Any others you have tried? Comment below.


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