Relaxing Herbal Bath Tea

Bath tea I loooove for soothing the skin and mind.  The constituents in many plants are soothing, they help to relax the nervous system, and they help to relieve topical skin conditions, like eczema and itchiness due to dryness.

Those with sensitive skin, babies, and those who have not bathed in “bubble bath” for years because of its chemical load, are meant for herbal bath teas. This topic is really important to me and my children were deprived of the bubble bath…poor things 😉 Babies sit in bath water and their skin absorbs what they are soaking in. And, because their systems are still developing, I believe it is important to ensure their skin care products are nothing but natural.

My Herbal Bath Tea is a blend of organic oat flakes, dried Calendula, Lavender and Chamomile flowers. All are nervine relaxants and soothing on sensitive skin. Calendula and oats are healing on diaper rash, eczema, and dry, itchy skin as they coat and reduce inflammation. This blend is non-toxic and generally does not have any contraindications but avoid the oats if you have a gluten sensitivity.

Babys bath tea1

In a jar, combine equal parts of:

  • dried Lavender
  • dried Chamomile
  • dried Calendula
  • organic oats
  • optional: add up to 10 drops essential oil to your bath water (Lavender, Chamomile or citrus are all calming)

Mix well. When ready to use, scoop 2 Tablespoons into a reusable tea bag or ball, or muslin bag and drop into a warm bath. Alternately, you can steep the tea in a large teapot, then add the tea into a warm bath.


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