Reducing Food Waste: Freezing Your Fresh Herbs

So, you have planted, nurtured and grown beautiful herbs in your garden or in your window and, after all the cooking in the world, you still have a big harvest.  I discovered how brilliant freezing leftover herbal tea is, when I couldn’t bear to rinse half a pot of beautiful, steeped chamomile down the drain.  I poured it into ice cube trays and now keep the cubes in a freezer bag that I add to liven up and flavour my water, and use to reduce puffiness around my tired eyes.

Chamomile ice cubes

Freezing your herb harvest in oil works the same way.  Water is effective but can cause your herbs to brown. When frozen in oil or ghee, your cubes are ready to cook with and the oil is wonderfully infused:

  • Simply wash your herbs and remove stems
  • You can choose to chop the leaves finely or leave whole
  • Pack your herbs into ice cube trays, 3/4 full
  • Cover with olive oil or melted butter
  • Place in freezer, covered with plastic wrap, until frozen solid
  • Transfer to a freezer bag (and label with which herb(s) you used!) and use cubes individually for cooking



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