Bliss Balls 4 Ways

When you are craving something a little sweet and want to avoid added sugar, bliss balls are the bomb.  The best part about bliss balls, besides the no cooking part, is that you can include (or sneak in) added fiber, like ground flax, seeds and nuts.  The protein is nut butter, any one you choose. Walnut, almond, tahini and cashew butters are my personal faves and they are a great source of healthy fats. Including dates or dried fruit will naturally sweeten your recipe and rolling the finished product in coconut flakes adds some texture. Play around, switch up your nuts and seeds, and add in any other favourite forms of fats and fiber to make them delicious as your coffee break snack, post-workout snack or after school snack.


  1. Pumpkin Bites…read more


2. #NextBiteBlissBalls…we love this recipe so much, we gave it it’s own hashtag


3. Raw Chickpea Protein Bites…read more

Chick Pea Bites

4. Nut-free Sweet Bites…for those with nut allergies and the perfect lunchbox snack

nut free sweet bites

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