The Wall Street Journal Interviews Me About Using Food On My Face

A few weeks ago, I received a call from the Wall Street Journal. Apparently they were writing a story about the ‘new trend’ of using food on your face in place of skin care.  I was thrilled to get the call and had to mention that this wasn’t a new trend at all! Think back to Cleopatra and her milk and honey baths. They were a sign of luxury, yes, but also had a purpose. The lactic acid in milk naturally dissolves dead skin cells and honey naturally softens and moisturizes. Not to mention, it is antibacterial, so it is also cleansing.

I was asked questions about what the craziest food I used on my face was, how I got into this business and why someone would want to use their last few bites of oatmeal on their skin.


Well, I have been using natural ingredients on my skin for years. I developed my own line of natural products for my first born after researching the chemicals I kept finding in my baby’s bath products. Dimpleskins Naturals was born and the products are now distributed across Canada. Personally, I use items from my pantry like coconut oil, cacao powder, yogurt, coffee grounds, sugar, essential oils and herbal teas to name a few. All have nourishing, cleansing, soothing, exfoliating and moisturizing qualities when used topically. You get to control what goes in to your products and blood stream.

It was a pleasure to speak with such a reputable publication. Here is a little snippet from

Hungry for a New Look? Try Smashing Bananas in Your Hair

When Jen Casey eats her oatmeal in the morning, the leftovers rarely end up in the trash. That’s because she rubs them all over her face.

“It’s naturally exfoliating but also gentle,” she said. “If I’m drinking tea, I will break the bag and sprinkle it in.”

The 43-year-old nutritionist, who lives in Vancouver, also frequently uses…


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