Aloe Vera Plants

Nature’s First Aid Plant

No green thumb, no problem.

I brought a little of the outside in with these easy to care for aloe plants. Aloe is otherwise known as the first aid plant, used medicinally for over 6000 years. Topically, it has vulnerary properties, meaning it heals wounds, helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Simply break open a leaf and apply the juice to sunburns or minor cuts and scrapes, which stimulates cellular repair and connective tissue formation.

The second best part to an aloe plant is how easy it is to care for. It does not need direct sunlight, it likes the indoors, and it does not need regular watering. If there is one plant to have on hand, it is aloe. Fill a clear, shallow jar with a bit of sand or soil, place your plant in and surround the base with rocks. You can also add some air plants and healing crystals for the ultimate healthy gift for your green living-loving friend.



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