NEW! Guide to Glowing Skin ~ From the Inside Out + the Outside In

It’s here!

The all-in-one, 14pg guide that you’ve been waiting for.

book cover 3.PNG

As a former Make-Up Artist for film/tv, and the creator of Dimpleskins Naturals skin care products, I know a thing or two about natural beauty.

I have been featured on Global BC Morning, Mind Body Green, and in the Wall Street Journal, talking about DIY skin care and ways to stay natural using food on your face.

Now, I want to offer you my 14pg guide to eating for glowing skin for free! Get ready to download the guide and, as a bonus, you will get a free 15 minute phone call, from me personally, to briefly chat about your wellness goals and you can tell me about what kind of health journey you are on.

Ready? Click here to visit the Next Bite Nutrition website and schedule your free wellness consult with yours truly.

Looking forward to it,

Jen Casey, Holistic Nutrition + Health Coach


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