Up the Energy at Work: Boost Employee Health + Morale With This Workplace Wellness Program

I am a business owner and have worked for myself for over 15 years.  I know the importance of boosting morale, making your employees feel appreciated, and working on a budget. CEO’s and Business Owners, I speak to you.  I hear you.  You want productivity, you want to run a successful business, you want to feel good, you want your employees to feel good.

I also have worked for others and recognize when I am truly cared for by an employer and when my wellness means something other than to myself.

You might be looking for ways to boost company morale, for ways to decrease sick days, ways to improve the energy in the office, and ways to provide a quality ‘extra’ to your hard working staff.

Workplace Wellness Talks poster2

Investing in a fun hour over lunch with a Nutritionist for an educational Wellness Talk is a sure way to boost morale.  When your staff knows you truly care about their happiness and health, they feel passionate about their work, and appreciated by the company.  The company benefits from happier employees and less absences due to illness.

The Next Bite Workplace Wellness Talks are 1-2 hours long, and can be presented over lunch or during work hours.  I take a holistic approach to wellness, which includes your whole person- mind, body and soul. Topics covered are:

  • Nutrition 101: Learn the basics of food combining, how to build a balanced meal, how to read a nutrition facts label, and the purpose and source of vital nutrients
  • Boosting Immunity: Learn how to use nutrition, stress reduction, rest and movement to optimize your immune system to decrease sick days at work
  • Energy in the Office: Learn which foods boost memory, learn about deskercise and the importance of movement, how to pack balanced lunches to optimize energy throughout the day, and we have the option of including a 30 minute (all levels) workout if space and time permit
  • Green Home + Personal Care: Learn about chemicals to avoid in home and personal care products, plus discover ways to make your own products to eliminate toxins from your daily life.  Health is not just about what you put in your body, it also involves what you put on your body
  • Say No to Sugar: Learn about the many effects of sugar on several body systems, how to recognize sugar on a label, and alternatives that are healthier choices

Book just one or book a series over a few months for an optimal wellness program.  With the series of 5, a weekly #wellnesswednesday newsletter is included that you can forward to your staff.  In it are answers to questions asked by you and your staff at our Wellness Talks, recipe ideas, group challenge ideas, and more.  These are available in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Optional: let’s get physical! With the Energy in the Office session, we have an option of including an all-levels 30 minute workout either indoors or out.


About your presenter:

I am Jen Casey, a certified Holistic Health + Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness Instructor.  I teach Food on Your Face workshops where we learn about chemicals to avoid in personal care products, and discover ways to use food as a natural skin care alternative. My recipes have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on MindBodyGreen.com and on Global BC Morning News.

My goal is to educate my clients around healthy nutrition, weight management, stress reduction and sleep habits to balance the 4 pillars of health.  I work with individuals to create nutrition and wellness plans, and I work with corporations with my Workplace Wellness program.

Interested in learning more or booking me to boost your workplace wellness? Fill out this form and I will get back to you promptly.

In good health,

Jen Casey



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