Going in to 2018 with a Healthy Home + Body

There are many chemicals to avoid in our home, body care, environment, and food. Why would you want to eliminate these chemicals? Well, we store chemicals in our adipose cells and the process of breaking them down to eliminate can be taxing on our liver. Chemicals are also classified as carcinogens (cancer-causing), endocrine disruptors, allergens, and can potentially irritate eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Have you noticed headaches or a rash when you use scented laundry soap?

Where are they? Well, chemicals hide in everything from deodorants, scented candles, dryer sheets, carpets, plastics that line your canned goods, cleaning products, to name a few. The problem is the daily use of these and the compounding of the chemicals that add up in our body. When symptoms arise, like rashes, cough, headaches and problems with hormones and growth, this means our toxic load has been reached. Your body needs to process and find a way to eliminate these chemicals.

There is good news. We cannot avoid every toxin that surrounds us, but we can choose to reduce many of the chemicals that we use on a daily basis. Join me on Jan 8 in Vancouver for a talk about what these common chemicals are, their effects on our body, what you can replace them with, and I will teach you how to make a natural, all-purpose household cleanser.

Jan workshop

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start a new year with a clean slate? Sign up for the Natural Home + Body Workshop today with a friend, because this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Holidays to you and here is to a clean and healthy New Year.

Jen Casey



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