Stop and Smell the Roses ~ The Proven Calming and Anti-anxiety Effects of Rose Oil

Blooming Rose Balm2.JPG
Blooming Rose Face + Body Balm

For some, the smell of roses reminds them of their grandmother. Personally, I would agree, but as we are learning, our grandmothers had the best recipes, kept things basic and true to nature, as they were intended.  Oh, the herbal remedies, potions, and cures for any ailment…I wish I had a big book of my grandmother’s favourites to look back on.

It turns out that roses have more than just an uplifting aroma. The oil obtained from rose petals are high in vitamin C, which your body uses to synthesize collagen. Skin care that contains rose oil provides protective qualities against free radicals that can cause premature aging and cell damage.

Rose oil, particularly Rosa damascena, has neurological properties, as well. A study on a group of 40 participants that tested rose oil topically had a lowered breathing rate, blood pressure, and felt more calm, relaxed and less alert after it’s use. In another 13 clinical trials  with a total of 772 participants who used rose oil through inhalation, or aromatherapy, such effects as relaxation, anti-depressant, improved sexual function and anti-anxiety effects were reported.

Some of our favourite ways to use rose oil are a rose hydrosol, rose face and body balm, rose bath salts and simply just to inhale. Find our favourite Blooming Rose Face + Body Balm online and in stores in Canada.

Why we love it:

  • it contains cruelty-free ingredients and finished product
  • it is made with hand-infused Rose oil from a variety of roses
  • it contains natural oils and butters to moisturize and protect skin
  • it is fast-absorbing and does not clog pores

Inhale, exhale.




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