(Dairy-free, Sugar-free) Vegan Chocolate Cashew “Milk”

choc cashew milk finalBecause of all the added hormones in dairy, not to mention the existing natural hormones in the cows to produce giant baby cows!, and potentially GMO corn and pesticides from the cow’s feed (if not organic), we are pretty much dairy-free in our house. My daughter’s skin breaks out every time she consumes dairy, my son has an upset stomach, and this mama just doesn’t need the added hormones. #hormonebalance 😉

Making nut milk is so easy and inexpensive to make yourself, and you can ensure there is no addition of sugar or other additives. Cashews make a creamy milk that I love in my coffee, plus they are loaded with those healthy fats for glowing skin and a healthy brain.

In this vegan recipe, I added raw cacao powder for it’s flavour and antioxidant properties, plus oats for extra protein. I did add a bit of store-bought almond milk but you could certainly add raw almonds to your blender and make it yourself. Here is how this dairy-free chocolate cashew milk recipe went down…

choc cashew milk 1In a cup of water, I soaked 1/2 C cashews, 3 pitted dates and 1/2 C oat flakes for 10 minutes. Once softened, I added this whole mixture, water included, into a blender, plus 2 C more water, 1/4 C raw cacao powder, and 1 C almond milk.  Alternately, you could add 1/2 C raw almonds plus 1 more C water to make your own almond milk.

choc cashew milk 2

Blend for a few minutes until creamy and either run through a milk bag or a fine strainer to catch all the nuts and oat bits that didn’t blend. I save this ‘pulp’ to add to baking or pancakes.

Nutritionist, mom and kid approved, hormones, skin and digestion are all happy.

choc cashew milk 3

choc cashew milk 4

Keep refrigerated until ready to use.  Yields 4 cups. Serve warm as a healthy hot chocolate or cold as is or as a base for smoothies.


  • 3 C water
  • 1/2 C cashews
  • 1/2 C rolled oats
  • 3 pitted Medjool dates
  • 1/4 C raw cacao powder
  • 1 C almond milk (or 1/2 C raw almonds + 1 C water)

choc cashew milk final

Try this recipe and tag us @nextbitenutrition on social media with your creation. For more ideas on eliminating dairy from your diet, contact Next Bite Nutrition Coaching for a personalized wellness plan, nutrition education and coaching.




Disclaimer: I am not for or against dairy products. As the members of my household cannot tolerate dairy and it has effects on their digestion and skin, I have chosen to avoid dairy in my diet. Canada has banned the use of Bovine Growth Hormone in dairy cows, but naturally occurring hormones exist. My concern is also about the animal’s feed and how much pesticide residue is getting in to my family’s food.

Links to other articles about naturally occurring hormones in cattle:




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